AVT 215: Typography

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4/14Kane pp. 152–179
P5 final critique
4/16P5 mounted final; FP Typographers + thumbnails
Artbus this Saturday, April 18
4/21Kane pp. 132–149
Time Magazine Grid Analysis
FP Marker comps + research paper
4/23Final AVT Postcard critique: must be postmarked
by midnight 4/24

FP b/w layout printout (Quark or InDesign)
4/28Final Type Specimen Binder due
Revised FP b/w layout printouts
4/30 Final critique: FP color printouts + seps + file report
5/5FP mounted final + process book + CD w/cover
Last Day of Classes
5/7AVT 215 Final Exam 10:30–1:15 p.m.

Schedule subject to change...and it will. Revised 4/13/09