AVT 313: Graphic Design III

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Prerequisites: AVT 104, 105, 222, 215 and AVT 311: Graphic Design II—or permission of instructor.

Course Description

This is an intermediate design course with an emphasis on publication and information design. Students will create a series of design solutions that will express growing proficiency and knowledge in graphic design.


  • Develop professional graphic sophistication and expertise
  • Become familiar with design history, terminology and specialties
  • Collaborate with other designers and other creative team members
  • Refine production, critique and presentation skills
  • Develop advanced proficiency in QuarkXPress


This is a design class—not a software training class. Students will produce a series of design projects, developing them from roughs to presentation. Students will be expected to have, or to develop, the technical and computer skills necessary to complete their projects.

Through lecture, studio and computer lab time, students will develop a series of design projects developed from rough schematic level to final presentation primarily using QuarkXPress. Students will be required to research/utilize external graphic vendors and their services, prepare electronic files for outsourcing, and are strongly encouraged to join professional graphic design organizations.

Textbooks & Materials

  • A History of Graphic Design (3rd or 4th ed.) by Meggs, Philip Meggs
  • Becoming a Graphic Designer (2nd or 3rd ed.) by Meggs, Philip Meggs
  • Forms, Folds and Sizes by Poppy Evans (recommended)
  • Visual Quickstart Guide QuarkXPress 6 by Lourekas Weinmann (recommended)
  • Marker bond, USB flash memory, blank CD-R disks, various papers and markers
  • Project-dependent materials that will vary per concept
  • Super-Black mounting boards, spray mount, tracing paper, black or white mounting tape, cutting pad, Xacto™ knives & blades, self-healing cutting mat (all for home use)


Due to the dynamics of the course your presence and contributions are required. You are expected to be on time and be prepared. If absent from class, you are still responsible for information reviewed in class. Please "buddy-up" with a classmate for this information. You must notify the John Maier, my T.A. via email with a proper explanation within 12 hours of the class to be excused. Two unexcused absences during the semester will drop you a full letter grade. Excessive tardiness also will effect your final grade (3 unexcused late arrivals equals 1 unexcused absence).


All final projects will be graded by the following criteria:1) concept development, 2) execution and 3) presentation. Concepts—developed through schematic thumbnail sketches and computer roughs—have the same weight as the finished project. You must show the design process for all projects. Presentation on the proper type of mounting board with tissue overlay and cover sheet also has equal weight as the other components. Final semester grade will be determined by project grades (50%), readings/written assignments (20%), quizzes (10%) and class participation (10%). There will be a final exam worth 10% of your final grade.

Additional Requirements

Projects are due on the due date at the start of class. Any project not turned-in at the start of class is dropped one-half (1/2) grade. Revised projects (re-do's) will be not accepted. A design sketchbook as well as a design | idea | resource file (aka: morgue) will also be a component of your final grade. The main purpose of the sketchbook will be to document the design process of each project. Thumbnails, brainstorm lists, doodles, sketches, clippings, etc. are good examples of what can be included. The morgue can be created from a ring binder, accordion file or some other portable filing system. A non-returnable digital portfolio of all final projects (in PDF format only) must be turned-in on CD at the final exam. Zip or floppy disks will not be accepted. Creative presentation of the sketchbook, morgue and digital portfolio CD (i.e., case, labeling, layout & design) will be considered as a part of the grade.

If you are a student with a disability and you need academic accommodations, please see me and contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at 703-993-2474. All academic accommodations must be arranged through the DRC.

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