AVT AVT 318: History of Graphic Design

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Research Paper + Presentation

A major part of each student's final grade is based on the research paper along with its interpretation into a 5–7 minute class presentation.

  • Each student proposes, in writing, two different subjects (a person, style, movement or period of time relating to graphic design) for review and approval by the instructor.
  • A brief outline, along with resources, is required a few weeks prior to the written research paper.
  • The paper itself must be 5–7 pages in length, using appropriate high-resolution (300 dpi) visual examples throughout, word processed/typeset in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, using 11 or 12pt. Times New Roman, on white 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
  • Include a bibliography of at least four sources other than the Megg's textbook.
  • The grade for the paper is based on the writing, not as an example of publication design.

The presentation of the paper subject can take many directions. It can be done simply as a traditional Keynote or PowerPoint slide presentation or, using more advanced software, shown using multimedia or web-based. Additionally, a one-page highlight sheet with hi-res visual examples will be created/designed by each student and distributed to each class member electronically (via .pdf) prior to the student's presentation. This highlight sheet will serve as a study guide for preparation for the final exam.

Download an example page of 12pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced.