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AVT 374.001/474.001
T/Th 1:30-4:10 | AB 1007 | Spring 2014 | 4 credits

This class is an attempt to introduce sound as an artistic material focusing on the expressive possibilities of sound in context. Our encounters with sound always occur in a particular context. Rather than restrict our attention to the relation of sound to any one particular context (e.g., installation/networked media/cinema/video), this course will address itself to the communicative properties of sound as such and will attempt to develop competencies for manipulating and deploying sound that are (hopefully) relevant to any number of contextual applications. We will explore the physics, phenomenology, sociology, and bioacoustics of sound with an understanding that theory grounds practice.


Wednesday, 1/28:

Welcome. Your syllabus is now available.

Monday, 2/18:
This is your portfolio contract including the changes made during class.
This is the image illustrating sound intensities and durations at which damage occurs.
The Sonic Circuits Film event is this Thursday, February 20th 2014 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
~ FREE at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library / 901 G St. NW, Washington DC
I also promised you more on the alleged Eisenhower-ET luncheon
at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. Just for you!

Wednesday, 2/26:

The listening assignment that was given in class asks you to write a triangle connecting your human truth,
this piece of sound art and the John Cage quote found in the middle of page 174 of your text Noise, Water, Meat.
It bears mentioning that this assignment is best performed very close to your experience
of the artwork's sonic materiality. See the format link below. Due on Tuesday, March 5.

Tuesday, 3/25:

Christian Marclay at Hirshhorn. Try to make it.

Electronic composer Pat Gillis / TL0741 is the Technical Director of Sonic Circuits – a Washington, DC area promoter and advocacy organization for experimental music. As TLO741, Gillis presents sound creation approaches using analogue modular and hardwired synthesizers. Gillis will give a talk/demo on Thursday, March 27 at 1:30pm in AB1007.

Sound 1
Sound 2
Sound 3