Digital Art and Animation

AVT 382, Fall 2002

Instructor: Lara Oliveira

Description of Terms



Jpeg = Joint Photographic Experts Group

Format that offers 24-bit compression of images with subtle gradations. Ideal for photographic images. Lossy


Gif = Graphic Interchange Format.

A bitmapped color graphics file format.  It employs an efficient compression method of solid color based art. Lossless



Tagged Image File Format



Photoshop file format



After Effects file format



Determines the color module used in displaying and printing images.

ImageReady uses RGB mode to work with images.


HSB (hue, saturation, brightness)

RGB (red, green, blue)

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)





Quick Time

System software developed by Apple Computer for presentation of desktop video.


Screen Resolution

Generally refers to the resolution of computer monitors. Average = 72 dpi



Generally refers to solid color art, such as, Illustrations, cartoons, logos, type.



Reduction of the amount of data required to re-create an original file, graphic, or movie.



Frames per Second.

A movie contains a certain number of frames, and the fewer frames, the more jerky the motion and the smaller the file.




The positioning of different colored pixels within an image that uses a 256-color palette to simulate a color that does not exist in the palette.



Process of reducing colors to 256 or les without dithering.  Produces areas of solid color and generates a posterized effect.


Adaptive palettes

Is used to convert the image to 256 colors based on existing colors within the image.


Bit Depth

The number of bits used to represent the color of each pixel in a given movie or still image.


bit depth of 2 = black and white

bit depth of 4 = 16 colors or grays

bit depth of 8 = 256 colors or grays

bit depth of 24 = approximately 16 million



Bitmap Mode

This mode uses one of two color values (black or white) to represent the pixels in an image. Images in Bitmap mode are called bitmapped 1-bit images because they have a bit depth of 1.


Bitmapped graphics

Graphics that are pixel based, as opposed to object oriented.


Computer Monitor = 640 x 480 pixels



Red, Green, and Blue (light) - Used for color viewed on screen.



Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (pigment) - Used in print production for output.