Course Syllabus

Spring 2004

Curatorial Practices

George Mason University

College of Visual & Performing Arts • Department of Art & Visual Technology


Instructor: Lara Oliveira, Adjunct Professor

Email:  Tel: 703-855.18.91

Friday, 9:30pm – 12:10pm

Course Content and Description

Curatorial Practices

This class explores ideas on exhibiting art focused in technology; it investigates different practical and theoretical approaches to today’s curatorial practices. Students will attend museum/gallery trips to downtown DC and New York (New York ARTSBUS), attend group discussions in class, read short texts about latest design/curatorial issues, and participate in a final group project presentation.

This course covers:



    Visits to museums & galleries will be announced before each trip.


-All ARTSBUS (New York City - day trips) are required in this class:

February 28, March 27, April 24.


-Washington DC galleries and museums will be announced.



- Reading assignments (short texts)

- Group discussions about reading material

- Written paragraphs after each museum/gallery trip

  (you are required to take notes during each trip)


             Final Group Project:

      All projects must be turned in on time.

      Projects will be based on technology and will address curatorial/design issues talked about in class.

      All projects must be the original work of the students.


Friday, February 20:

- Written concept paragraph

- Project plan and schedule


Friday, February 5:

- Final concept presentation & critique


            Friday, May 7 & April 30

- Final project presentations



• SOFTWARE (for final project):

You may use any software in this class.



A calendar will be provided.

Final due dates will be announced.



Required Supplies

Students are required to purchase their own supplies:


• 4”X6” index cards, 1 packs of 50

• Pencil, pens etc.


Class Requirements

-        Students are required to attend every class and the entire class period. 3 absences will result in one grade demotion.

-        Students are required to attend class on time.

-        LATE assignments and missed deadlines will result in a one grade demotion.

-        All the assignments must be the original work of the student. No “borrowed” art/ideas will be accepted. No use of art/ideas taken from the Internet, books, other people or sources will be accepted.

-        Students are required to attend all critiques and museum/gallery visits. Critiques and museum/gallery visits are the equivalent of exams. Failure to attend will result in a severe grade deduction or failure.

-       Final projects must be presented on the exact dates. Failure to do so will result in failure of the course.


Grading Policy

Grade will be composed of evaluations from class projects, class participation, tests and attendance. Most of the grade is made up of the final project. Missed deadlines will result in a grade demotion.

A = 95% attendance, outstanding, excellent work, highly original, high technical achievement and concept.

B = above average and superior work, 80% on course requirements.

C = satisfactory work with all projects handed in on time, 70% on course requirements.

D = bellow average work, 60% on course requirements.

F = for failure