AVT 414: Corporate Design and Branding

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AVT 252: Photography I or AVT 253: Introduction to Digital Photography,
AVT 311: Graphic Design Methods and Principles, and
AVT 395: Writing for Artists
—or permission of instructor.


This is an advanced design course with an emphasis on corporate brand identity development. Topics include logo development, product packaging, marketing and advertising collaterals, web branding, and broadcast advertising development. Special attention is given to the creation of a graphic standards guide.


  • Develop professional visual sensitivity and competency in branding
  • Design a series of related corporate collateral for student's professional portfolio
  • Continue developing professional design and production skills
  • Refine critique and presentation skills, as well as client and workplace relationships
  • Develop advanced skills in layout software and other graphic techniques


Through lecture, studio and critique, students will design a series of projects developed from rough schematic level to final mounted presentation. Students will be expected to research and utilize external graphic vendors and professionals, and are strongly encouraged to join professional design organizations such as AIGA and The Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington (ADCMW).

Textbooks & Materials


Due to the dynamics of the course your attendance, participation and punctuality are critical to your successful completion of the class. You must be on time and prepared—with no exceptions. Not being properly prepared with required assignments is considered an absence from the class. Final projects are due at the beginning of class. Projects turned after the start of class are automatically reduced 1/2 letter grade. Late projects (after the due date) will not be accepted.

If compelled to miss a class, you must contact the instructor via email with an acceptable explanation* within 12 hours to be excused. If absent, you are responsible for materials covered in class. Please "buddy–up" with a classmate for this information. Two unexcused absences will gravely effect successful completion of the course. Excessive tardiness will also affect your final grade (3 unexcused late arrivals equals an unexcused absence).


All final projects will be graded by the following criteria: concept, development, and presentation. Concept—developed through schematic thumbnail sketches and computer roughs—has the same weight as execution. Proper presentation on required materials also has equal weight as the first two. Final semester grade is determined by final project grades (50%), assignments (20%), quizzes (10%) and class participation (10%). There will be written final exam worth 10% of your grade.

Additional Requirements

Projects are due on the due date at the start of class. Any project not turned-in at the start of class is dropped one-half (1/2) grade. Revised projects (re-do's) will be not accepted. A sketchbook as well as a design process notebook will also be a component of your final grade. The main purpose of the sketchbook will be to document the design process of each project. Thumbnails, brainstorm lists, doodles, sketches, clippings, etc. are good examples of what can be included. A "9 x 12" or "11 x 14" inch ITOYA notebook is required for this semester-long assignment.

A non-returnable digital portfolio of all final projects (in PDF format only) must be turned-in on CD at the final exam. Creative presentation of the sketchbook, morgue and digital portfolio CD (i.e., case, labeling, layout & design) will be considered as a part of the grade.

If you are a student with a disability and you need academic accommodations:
Please see me and contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at 703-993-2474. All academic accommodations must be first arranged through the DRC.

Lab Rules

All AVT Lab polices must be followed in IN 129 including no food & drink as well as proper printer usage. With questions related to your computer system and technology (network, printers) in all graphic design labs, you can contact our AVT Technical Director: Sean Watkins. Sean can help diagnose problems and recommend proper solutions.

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