AVT 419: Professional Practices in Graphic Design

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1/24First Day of Classes
P1: Introduction/team brainstorming/mind mapping
1/26P1 Product name concepts + retail site visit presentations
Landa, Chapters 1–3
1/31P1 Brand Creative Brief due with competitive audit +
individual logo thumbnails
Last Day to Add Classes: January 30
(including AVT 300 ArtsBus)
2/2P1 Vector B/W logos + final team brand deliberations
Landa, Chapters 4–6
2/7P1 Revised color logos + rough label layout 2/9P1 Revised labels + MS Magazine ad layout/collateral options
Landa, Chapters 7–9
2/14P1 Final review of all collateral printouts
P2 SoA Subsidiary + Intro to Final Project
2/16P1: Client Presentations Merten Hall 4:45pm
Landa, Chapters 10–12
2/21P2 Research presentation + thumbnail sketches 2/23P2 Marker comps + Design Brief
Landa, Chapters 13–15
Last Day to Drop Classes: Friday, February 24
2/28P2 Rough layout printouts 3/2P2 Revised layout printouts
3/7P2 Final review of all collateral 3/9Project Two: SoA Promotion Client Presentations
Final Project Client Designation
3/21 3/23
3/28 3/30 Last Day of Selective Withdrawl: Friday, March 31
4/4 4/6
4/11 4/13
4/18 4/20
4/25 4/27
5/2Final Project Client Presentations I 5/4Final Project Client Presentations II
Last Day of Class
5/16 AVT 416 Final Exam Period 4:30–7:15 p.m. Schedule subject to change...and it will. Revised 1/19/17

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