Unthinking Television: Visual Culture[s] Beyond the Console Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keynote Speaker

Lynn Spigel

School of Communication, Northwestern University

Lynn Spigel is the Frances E. Willard Professor of Screen Cultures at the School of Communications at Northwestern University. She has written and lectured extensively on postwar culture and popular media.

Her books include Make Room for TV: Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America (University of Chicago Press, 1992) and Welcome to the Dreamhouse: Popular Media and Postwar Suburbs (Duke University Press, 2001). She has edited and co-edited numerous anthologies, including Television after TV (Duke University Press, 2004) and Feminist Television Criticism (2nd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2007). She is the general editor of the Console-ing Passions book series at Duke University Press.